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Neil Soulrider

Neil Soulrider

Neil Soulrider learnt very early on in life that his big love would be music.


He started DJing after 9/11 brought to an end a career in the City.  He played the London party scene for many years with well-known promotors Lifes Chemistry and Chuckle Parties - Becoming a mainstay of their legendary boat parties over 10 years, Tru’s Do’s and interspersing this with regular trips to Ibiza to play at such well known venues as Hush, Plastic, Kanya and the world famous Savannah on San Antonio's Sunset Strip.


When Neil isn't playing or spending time in the studio, he is an extremely sought after crew caterer for the film, TV and music industry and has been on the road with bands such as the Black Keys, Marilyn Manson and Bullit for My Valentine.  He ran the artist catering at Glastonbury’s "Second Stage" and has cooked for The Chemical Brothers, Limp Bizkit, LCD Soundsystem, Band of Horses and 30 Seconds to Mars.


Choosing to focus more on his music these days, he was invited by Lifes Chemistry head honcho, Dave Bygraves to join his radio station, Weekend Radio. There was only one person he would do this with, Paul said yes, and The InHouse Radio Show was born. "We bounce nicely off each other and often select the same tracks for the show every month, Our differing, yet often very similar tastes complement each other, and it works. I couldn’t do this with anyone else".

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